TGSK epicyclic gears

Epicyclic gears

Reliability and performance at its best

TGSK epicyclic gears

TGSK epicyclic gears with their high grade of reliability and vibration performance are made for applications, demanding high speeds without vibration issues and toothing wear.

For increased requirements towards running, vibration and noise performance we use double helical gear design. Where multiple teeth in mesh at a time guarantee increased performance.

Your advantage:

  • Compact design, small footprint
  • High power density and efficiency
  • Low weight
  • Coaxial shaft arrangement
  • Integrated flexible connection coupling on high speed side
  • Optimal power distribution through the whole gear set (sun – planets – annulus)
  • Project specific design for your application
detailed view of epicyclic gears

Applications and industries

Power generation: Generators driven by gas, steam, water or expansion turbines for power generation

Oil & gas: Energy recovery using expansion turbines

(Petro-)Chemical: Compressors and pumps driven by electric motors

Test stands: For compressor / turbine or motor development, balancing machines, aerospace applications

Technical data:

Power up to 20 MW
Spees up to 45.000 rpm
Efficiency up to 99,3 %
Ratio up to i = 12 (one state design)
Design With fixed or rotating planet carrier, self centering sun wheel and thin, flexible annulus for optimized power distribution
Gears Spur gear or double helical toothing
Casing Fabricated casing, foot mounted, split line mounted, or flange design for direct connection with motor / generator
Sebastian Besler

My motivation:

“Manufacture turbogears at the highest level.”

Sebastian Besler, Production / Gearing

12 years of turbogear experience