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Integral gears

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TGSK integral gear

Integrally geared compressors and expanders for various gases need to operate reliable at challenging conditions and high speeds. Therefore, we design each integral gear unit tailor made to the requirements of our customer and their application.

We pay special attention to the impeller and casing interfaces as well as the thrust requirements and solutions for each unit in close collaboration with our customer.

Using automated data exchange with our customers (like shaft and bearing data for rotordynamics) we increase efficiency of the design process – for you and for us.

Your advantage:

  • Customer specific concerted interfaces
  • Applicable for compressor drives, expansion turbines and combined cycles.
  • Driven by electric motor, gas and steam turbines, integrated expansion turbines and combinations
  • Impeller connection with Hirth toothing or acc. customer requirements
  • Increased efficient with our thrust collar design available for many applications
  • Individual speeds for each stage realised with multi-shaft-design
  • Detailed rotordynamic analysis and improvement by our calculations specialists
Detailed view of an integral gear

Applications and industries

Power generation: Generator driven by expansion turbines for power generation (waste heat, geothermal, etc.)

Oil & gas: Compressors driven by electric motor or steam turbine for gas compression or liquefaction

(Petro-)Chemical: Compressors driven by electric motor for processing of various gases

Air separation: Air compression to separate Nitrogen and Oxygen

Technical data:

Power up to 40 MW
Speeds up to 70.000 rpm
Ratio up to i = 25
Shaft arrangement up to 4 pinions with up to 8 stages, driven via bull gear or turbine shaft
Impeller connection With Hirth toothing or acc. Customer requirements
Gears Nitrided or carburized single helical toothing
Bearings Radial: hydrodynamic sleeve bearings for bull gear and turbine shaft, tilting pad bearings for pinion shafts
Axial: Bull gear with thrust bearing, pinions with thrust collar or thrust bearings
Designs According ISO 6336, AGMA 6011, API 617 or API 672
Marcus Herzog

My motivation:

“Put in my personal creativity and produce a great product together.”

Marcus Herzog, Production / Grinding

31 years of turbogear experience