TGSK turning gears

Turning gears

Keep your train in motion

TGSK turning gears

Our turning gears are the optimal solution for direct integration within your train – either on a free shaft end with overrunning clutch, or on top of the rotor with swivel pinion and gear rim.

For the swivel pinion solution the turning gear is installed on top of the rotor, so the pinion can drop down, engage with the gear rim and keep your rotor turning.

Including the suitable control unit we provide a tailor made solution for your train.

Your advantage:

  • Project specific design according your requirements
  • Reliable start-up and coast down for your turbine drive train
  • Easy integration in the drive train
  • Mechanical solution with overrunning clutch
  • Automatic engagement and disengagement of the swivel pinion for start-up and coast down
  • Low maintenance combined with high durability

Applications and industries

Power generation: Start-up and coast down for gas or steam turbines, for industrial turbines up to 125 MW and power plant turbines up to 1400 MW

Oil & gas: Start-up and coast down for turbine driven compressor trains, Alignment and breakaway for trains with big electric motors

Technical data:

Power up to 75 kW
Speeds 1 to 300 rpm
Breakaway torque up to 200.000 Nm

For installation on a free shaft end with overrunning clutch

For integration in the train with swivel pinion and gear rim

Johannes Luitz

My motivation:

“Provide the highest performance with my colleagues every day.”

Johannes Luitz, Engineering Turning Gears

10 years of turbogear experience