TGSK parallel shaft gear

Parallel shaft gears

Power transmission to depend on

TGSK parallel shaft gear

Units in service for many years, operating around the clock without standstill and maintenance stops, available anytime, require highest dependability for all components.

Therefore, our parallel shaft gears are built with hydrodynamic sleeve bearings and carburized gears, calculated for fatigue endurance and manufactured with highest precision. These measures minimize wear and extend the lifetime of the unit.

Compliance to international standards like API 613, longtime experience of our design and calculation experts as well as inhouse manufacturing and quality control guarantee highest quality and reliability of our gear boxes.

Your advantage:

  • Customized design, tailored to your application
  • Simple setup for easy maintenance
  • High efficiencies up to 99.2 %
  • Optimized friction bearings for lower oil consumption
  • Highest manufacturing quality with our state of the are machine tools
  • Low vibration levels through highest balance quality for rotating parts
  • Long lifecycles through fatigue endurable calculation and design for all parts
Detailed view of a parallel shaft gear

Applications and industries

Power generation: Generators driven by industrial gas or steam turbines for power generation

Oil & gas: Compressors and pumps driven by electric motors or turbines for natural gas and crude oil production

(Petro-)Chemical: Compressors driven by electric motors or turbines for processing of various gases

Steel mills: Compressor and blower drives, energy recovery using expansion turbines

Technical data:

Power up to 60 MW
Speeds up to 60.000 rpm
Efficiency up to 99,2 %
Ratio up to i = 10 (one state design)
Gears Carburized single helical or double helical toothing
Bearings Hydrodynamic sleeve bearings and tilting pad bearings
Casings Fabricated casing with horizontal or vertical shaft offset
Designs According ISO 6336, AGMA 6011 or API 613
Melanie Russler

My motivation:

“Provide the best results with state of the art technology and highest accuracy.”

Melanie Russler, 3D-measuring technology

29 years of turbogear experience